Welcome to In The Kitchen with Johnna Rose! I am beyond grateful that you have taken time out of your day to stop by my site and read this post! This is my first adventure into blogging about food, the recipes that I love/ created and maybe even some restaurants that I frequent!

So a little bit about me for this first post! I grew up in west central Minnesota on a Family Owned and Operated Dairy Farm. Growing up in rural America I learned how to cook from some of the greatest chefs known to man… home cooks, and everyday life revolved around the Kitchen.  Still to this day some of my favorite  memories and meals I have are from my mom, grandma, aunts/uncles and great aunts! They do not use recipes, but just know how to cook delicious food. My mission is to recreate, write down their recipes,share them with you and put a healthy spin on them!

Another random but fun food fact about me is that I went to school for Dairy Science! I learned everything from farm to factory, so basically from milking the cows to manufacturing raw milk into fluid milk, yogurt, ice cream and cheese. AND have made, and seen how all those dairy products are made! I have furthered my education and got a Masters in Food Safety, to make sure that the food I produce at work is safe for all consumers, but also for the food that I cook at home. Yes you read that right, I work in a food processing plant. Actually it is a cheese plant!

Once again welcome to my Kitchen!

Johnna Rose

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