Cheesy Hamburger Pasta

I grew up eating a lot of ground beef with the classic box helper. Not going to name name’s but it was a staple in the house as we had beef and those boxes were cheap! We even just listed of the varieties as meals.

Now those boxes are expensive and do not taste the same as what they used to. I have also been watching what I eat and decided to recreate one of my childhood favorites.

~4-5 servings


2 celery stocks diced

3 Mini Sweet Peppers diced (or ½ of a bell pepper diced)

2 shallots diced (or ½ medium onion diced)

¾ to 1 lb of ground beef ( I have found that some packages of ground beef are not a full pound so use what you can).

8 ounces of Pasta

3 cups Beef Stock

1 ½ cup shredded cheese

2 ½ tbsp Tomato Paste

1 tsp Garlic chopped

1 tsp Basil

½ tsp Thyme

½ tsp Pepper


Add ground beef to a large frying pan and brown.

When the ground beef is almost browned add peppers, shallots and celery. Continue to cook until veggies are soft.

Next add tomato paste and seasonings to frying pan and cook until fragrant about 3 minutes.

Now there will be brown bits on the frying pan. That is flavor in the making! Slowly add beef broth to pan to deglaze pan.

Bring pan to a boil and add pasta and reduce to simmer. Cover and cook to manufactures directions (approx. 8-12mins).

Once pasta is done, slowly stir in shredded cheese.

Allow the hamburger pasta to rest about 5 minutes to thicken.

Optional: Garnish with parsley and shredded cheese.


*Note: I did not add salt to the recipe as the beef stock I used had more than enough. If you are using a low sodium broth you might want to add salt. Taste as you go.

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